Tall Dark Stranger

Our Fateful Kiss

A Marriage Vow

Till Death Do Us Part
                                                   Tonal Scheme: Mortal Union Series
                                                                    Piece for my drawing class with Jillian Tamaki
                                                                    I think its one of my most successful pieces thus 
                                                                    far, I really enjoyed figuring out the different 
                                                                    tonal schemes of black, dark grey, grey, and white. 
                                                                    I was also inspired by a piece by Edward Kinsella 
                                                                    that I saw in the Society of Illustrator's show. 

                                                               I've grown obsessed with using the Pentel brush pen. 
                                                              Some examples of my latest sketchbook pages trying 
                                                              out different techniques with portraits, animals, ect. 

Upstate New York

Green Pond
I've been trying to do more landscapes lately. 

Decided to keep an ink sketchbook this summer. 
These are a few experimental pages. 

Observation: The Dog Park
       A few pages from the book I did in drawing in which we had 
       to make an informative, observational series of drawings. 
I chose New Yorkers and their dogs.
Suburban Disillusion
Piece for my Principles prompt: A house, horizon, and a tree. 
The Lion

The Little Virgin

Molly Girl

Enough Light

Elegantly Sarcastic

Inchoate Fear
                                                  Ghost Lover
                                                                  Series I did in my collage class inspired by film 
                                                                  noir. The images are created atop pages from 
                                                                  various books, chosen because of specific phrases 
                                                                  within them.  Created in Steve Byram's class. 
Little Red Riding Hood

The Big Bad Wolf


Queen of Hearts
                                  Storytelling: 'Lines of Meaningless Loops & Whirls'  
                                             Some of my favorite pages from my book, which amasses a total 
                                             of 22 pages. I tried adding my own little twists to each story's 
                                             characters while keeping true to its essence. 


Wolpletinger, Revised
Fantasy Creature: The Wolpletinger
For this assignment I had to recreate a fictional creature,
 a squirrel like thing with bat wings and deadly temper.
In my revised version I have the Wolpletinger facing the
viewer as though debating whether to attack.
Oil Painting: Ozephiny Orchestra
   My painting professor Peter Edlund had us create 
a collage from various sources and recreate it using 
paint on canvas. I wanted to recreate chaos, romance. 

Watercolor & Ink: Fantasy House / Mobile Home
My idea of a fantasy house is more like a mobile home, a tall tower
stacked atop a mechanical fish (complete with mustache).

Pen & Ink: Skeleton Study, Masquerade
An assignment I did for my drawing professor, Jillian Tamaki in
which I had to form my initials (MTN) using skeletal anatomy.
Principles: Abstract Portrait
I was tasked with the job of conveying an abstract
self portrait of my classmate based on the few things
I know about her;
Her love of baby animals, afros, and design.
From Yuko Shimizu's class. 
Charlotte's Web

Alice in Wonderland
                                                    Storytelling: Pages 10 & 13
                                                                    This year I made an illustrated book in which the 
                                                                    protagonist is a little girl who travels through 
                                                                    various children's books. The text serves as both 
                                                                    part of the illustration as well as the story. 
                                                                    Made in Frances Jetter's class. 
Little Fishing Village


Leaving Taiwan

Mr. & Mrs. Newcomb

Melissa's First Birthday

Family Christmas 
                                                              Mixed Media: A Life Story, Monica 
                                                             These are a few pieces from a series in which we 
                                                             interviewed someone and illustrated their story. 
                                                             I chose my mother because all that she has endured 
                                                             in life has only made her stronger.
                                                             I used family pictures and lyrics from different 
                                                             songs to convey her tale. 
Watercolor: Study of a Jenny Saville
This is what I consider my first successful watercolor piece,
in which I enjoyed building everything layer by layer.