Pen & Ink: Skeleton Study, Masquerade
An assignment I did for my drawing professor, Jillian Tamaki in
which I had to form my initials (MTN) using skeletal anatomy.
Principles: Abstract Portrait
I was tasked with the job of conveying an abstract
self portrait of my classmate based on the few things
I know about her;
Her love of baby animals, afros, and design.
From Yuko Shimizu's class. 
Charlotte's Web

Alice in Wonderland
                                                    Storytelling: Pages 10 & 13
                                                                    This year I made an illustrated book in which the 
                                                                    protagonist is a little girl who travels through 
                                                                    various children's books. The text serves as both 
                                                                    part of the illustration as well as the story. 
                                                                    Made in Frances Jetter's class. 
Little Fishing Village


Leaving Taiwan

Mr. & Mrs. Newcomb

Melissa's First Birthday

Family Christmas 
                                                              Mixed Media: A Life Story, Monica 
                                                             These are a few pieces from a series in which we 
                                                             interviewed someone and illustrated their story. 
                                                             I chose my mother because all that she has endured 
                                                             in life has only made her stronger.
                                                             I used family pictures and lyrics from different 
                                                             songs to convey her tale. 
Watercolor: Study of a Jenny Saville
This is what I consider my first successful watercolor piece,
in which I enjoyed building everything layer by layer. 
'And we did not like it. Not one little bit...'

'"My tricks are not bad," Said the Cat in the Hat.'

'Have no fear little fish... They have come here to play...'

'"Oh dear!" Said the Cat. "Oh Dear. You did not like
our game... What a shame! What a shame!"'
                                                Pen & Ink: My take on the Cat in the Hat
                                                           For some reason Dr. Seus', 'The Cat in the Hat' has always 
                                                           scared me as a child. In my mind he's this creepy chinless 
                                                           fellow who breaks into your house when your mother is away.