Little Red Riding Hood

The Big Bad Wolf


Queen of Hearts
                                  Storytelling: 'Lines of Meaningless Loops & Whirls'  
                                             Some of my favorite pages from my book, which amasses a total 
                                             of 22 pages. I tried adding my own little twists to each story's 
                                             characters while keeping true to its essence. 


Wolpletinger, Revised
Fantasy Creature: The Wolpletinger
For this assignment I had to recreate a fictional creature,
 a squirrel like thing with bat wings and deadly temper.
In my revised version I have the Wolpletinger facing the
viewer as though debating whether to attack.
Oil Painting: Ozephiny Orchestra
   My painting professor Peter Edlund had us create 
a collage from various sources and recreate it using 
paint on canvas. I wanted to recreate chaos, romance. 

Watercolor & Ink: Fantasy House / Mobile Home
My idea of a fantasy house is more like a mobile home, a tall tower
stacked atop a mechanical fish (complete with mustache).