Decided to keep an ink sketchbook this summer. 
These are a few experimental pages. 

Observation: The Dog Park
       A few pages from the book I did in drawing in which we had 
       to make an informative, observational series of drawings. 
I chose New Yorkers and their dogs.
Suburban Disillusion
Piece for my Principles prompt: A house, horizon, and a tree. 
The Lion

The Little Virgin

Molly Girl

Enough Light

Elegantly Sarcastic

Inchoate Fear
                                                  Ghost Lover
                                                                  Series I did in my collage class inspired by film 
                                                                  noir. The images are created atop pages from 
                                                                  various books, chosen because of specific phrases 
                                                                  within them.  Created in Steve Byram's class.