Initial drawing, thin layer of Burnt Sienna & Prussian Blue.

Slowly added Alizarin Crimson, Burnt Umber & White.
Ended up wiping this down because it felt too worked.

Much more developed face, more elements of blue present.
                                       I thought it'd be fun if I put up a small sample of my work process. 
                                                    This is a portrait I did for my painting class, in which I wanted to 
                                                    create a strong sense of design mixed with a feeling of romanticism. 
                                                    Often when I'm painting if I don't like where its going I'll wipe it 
                                                    down to the sketch or initial layer of dried paint and start over again. 

Estranged: Shoes
Possibly one of the most soothing things to do is shred,
and glue tiny pieces of paper. I love collage for all the
elements that goes into it. And because you have to find
and love the images you are given instead of make. 

Strive for Perfection
In my collage class we were asked to make a monster.
The monster I chose was the one we make ourselves into
when we strive for the so called perfection of beauty.
When this takes us over, and we become a creature inhuman.