Model Study: Ink

Model study. Ink and watercolor.

Model study. Ink and watercolor. 
Done in Joo Chung's life drawing class.

Disclaimer: I am not a wanted criminal.
     I was feeling particularly curious, and decided to google myself. 
In doing so I found that the third item to come up under my name was a wanted posting for a woman convicted in Florida. While we share the same name, our similarities end there. 
     She being a tall, blonde, white woman.
     Myself a short, dark haired, bespectacled half asian.
So just for future reference, I would just like to clarify that I have never been incarcerated.
Happy Valentines everyone! <3
                                             Hope you enjoy all the updates.
The Tempest

Magician's Daughter
One of the last pieces I did in Sam Weber's ink class
based off of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'. Depicted 
in this piece is Miranda and Caliban. Done in Ink. 

I'm greatly honored, and incredibly humbled to
 have this piece accepted into The Society of 
Illustrator's Student Competition, 'In Show' 2012. 
The Transformation: Jekyll & Hyde

Sketchbook Version

Ink Version

Etching Version (With gold rollover)

Frost's Garden
                                           Piece done in Sam Weber's ink class. Prompt was to 
                                           create a garden scene attributed to a specific person. 
                                           I chose Robert Frost as my person because I find his 
                                           poetry incredibly moving. 
                                           This project also involved a competition among the 
                                           students and after voting, I ended up winning a copy 
                                           of Weber's American Illustration 29. 
                     This piece was more of a sketch than anything else. I recently read 'The Strange
                     Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' and was inspired to rework the story in relation
                     to it's metaphors on the human condition. I'm excited to see where it'll take me.
 'Mistaken for Strangers'
                                                   I started etching last semester in Bruce Waldman's 
                                                  class. I immediately loved the process and the results 
                                                  of the prints. This piece is inspired by a song from 
                                                  The National. Music does inspire a lot of my artwork, 
                                                  and I find lyrics incredibly visual. 

Media Studies in INK

Summer Sketchbook 2011

Emily's Lover
This piece was an illustration based off of an 
  Emily Dickinson poem about two lovers separated 
from one another. Kind of fitting for those romantics 
on Valentines Day. Painted in oil. 
                                                 Lost Again
                                                  Hey everyone. It's been a while since I last 
                                            posted but I thought I'd pick up where I left off. 
                                            Here's the finished painting of the process piece 
                                            that I was talking about last. I wanted to create a 
                                            strong sense of design with the patterning of the 
                                            trees as well as a limited palette.