Man-Made Monster:
Women who kill their Children.

Diane Downs

 Audrey-Marie Hilley

 Darlie Routier

 Susan Smith

 Marybeth Tinning

Andrea Yates

My junior year thesis project with the theme of the year: 'Man-Made Monsters'. 
Under which I chose 'Women who kill their Children'. 
Created in Thomas Woodruff's class.

Women who kill their children commit a crime disconnected from nature’s primal nurturing instinct in horrifying acts of selfishness, vindicated by delusions of freedom and personal gain. However monstrous these women have become, oftentimes they themselves were victims of their circumstances driven to extremes by isolation and abandonment.
It is my hope that with this series of portraits the viewer will look beyond the monstrousness of these individual’s crimes to see the damaged women beneath who believed their only means of escape was filicide. In the tradition of myth, those who commit the most unspeakable crimes allow us learn what it is to be truly human, imperfect and fallible.