Insanity Breaks then Cracked Reflection

This was a personal piece of serendipitous random silkscreen printing, its actually the newsprint practice sheet that I used to get rid of excess ink before printing my final (which will be uploaded soon).  I found it fit the literature, and the feeling of the piece. Written by Christopher Turalski.


This is a personal piece that I made as a continuation of the Barophobia piece. I'm also using it as a promotional piece with a layer of silkscreen to come. The consultation of this promo was done in Josh Cochran's Professional Practice class.


The prompt of this piece was to create a music even poster (with or without type included) of one of my classmate's favorite band. I got PSY as my musician, which proved to be an extremely difficult task for me. Above is the original piece I created and below are the variations of color.

In the end I wasn't satisfied with the piece so I sought out to make an entirely new piece. Above is my music event poster for PSY, Gangman Style, made out of a mixture of Asian and American tattoo flash.


Another personal piece, model is Illustrator/Designer Johanna. 
Created using ink, with some photoshop.


Original painting of a personal piece; Model is artist Sasha Ioseliani.

Here is the piece with a background layering that I've been playing with.


My second piece for Portfolio was a piece on phobias. 
This is based off of Barophobia, the fear of Gravity.


My first piece for portfolio, in which we created a story in class by beginning the first sentence with 'When I was seven I...' Then we passed it to our classmates 4x in order to finish our story. My story was about a archeologist girl who stole her mother's plates, only to break and bury them in the yard. Created in Chris Buzelli's senior Portfolio class.