Less Sleep

Hi all, as per my promise to you here's a new entry with a piece I did at the end of my school year. A lot has happened since my last piece that I posted. For one I graduated, cast into the real world and made to suffer the consequences of debt. 
I have also nested myself in Brooklyn, and I've been giving myself a break from work. It was probably not the right thing to do, but for my mental sanity it had to be done. Now I'm itching to get back to work so I hope you enjoy whats to come. 

Less Sleep is More Dreaming

This piece was created in my portfolio class for my senior thesis. Its about how less sleep causes the dreamer to have short but intensely vivid dreams. It was done with an experimentation of textures done on a variety of surfaces that I then scanned and pieced together along with my painting of the figure. 

Hi all,
It's been a while since I've last posted and I'm sincerely sorry! I'll try to be more timely with my posts but in the meantime you can check out what you've missed on my website or my Behance page.
I'm making some changes in the format as well, I intend for my posts to be more personal and not only have pictures of my work but of my influences and my life events that partake in my process.
Best wishes and a happy summer!