Fever Ray

Portrait of Karin Elisabeth Dreijer Aanderson or Fever Ray

Aanderson being the lead singer of the band The Knife which she formed with her brother, Olof Dreijer. Fever Ray is the name of her solo career.
I'm still working on my 'Watercolor Basics' for you all, so I hope you enjoy this brief on my personal piece of Fever Ray.

This portrait is based off of Fever Ray's song 'Keep the Streets Empty for Me'. I was inspired by the intense imagery of the song as well as the haunting voice of Karin. As a musician Karin is always pushing the boundaries of music as a genre and as a reflection of culture. What I find most inspirational in her song and the album as a whole is the  hypnotic trance like storytelling carried by a primal beat. It's electronic pop stripped down to its bare bones, the fragility of Karin's voice and her heartfelt lyrics won me over. I could listen to it a thousand times. 
I really wanted to portray the intricate storytelling I feel that Fever Ray weaves in her songs, much like a spider weaves its web. In her song 'Keep the Streets Empty for Me' theres a sequence of lyrics that was really the focus of the picture for me, and the basis for the portrait. 

I'm laying down eating snow 

My fur is hot, my tongue is cold 
On a bed of spider web 
I think of how to change myself 

Uncover our heads and reveal our souls 
We were hungry before we were born

Here's a brief breakdown of the process of the piece including the different layers I created, first by hand and then compiled in Photoshop. 

Sketches for portrait. I went with a variation of the far right piece.

Painting of Karin

 Painting of Karin's hands

Fur of the wolf. I lost the original painting of the wolf so here's just an example of how I started it.

I had a lot of fun creating this piece and I was very excited to push different ideas and symmetry within the piece. I also experimented a lot more with compiling a piece digitally than I had done before. 
But mostly I was just excited to do a piece I hoped would be an homage to one of the best musicians of our time. 
I hope you enjoyed! 

Fever Ray/ Karin Aanderson (Isn't she so cool?)

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