I do love Candy.

A very belated Happy Halloween! 

Me and my sisters ready for trickery. (Me on the right.)  

Me this Halloween, not much has changed. 

Red Yellow Blue

Hello internet dwellers!

I'm sorry for taking another hiatus so soon after coming back. It was a combination of too much work and too little work. Very dangerous.
I've been taking a lot of time to myself to really reflect on my work, and decided that reflecting on my work hinders me working. So to get back on the wagon, here's a simple post about what I've been up to.

Enjoy :)

Its been so long since I've done figures completely out of line drawings. Very rusty, but I had a lot of fun making all these different marks! This piece was a series of character designs that I did. I enjoy designing characters, especially getting into their unique attributes. I also really loved drawing the fashion. 

Last week was also Illustration week, many a great things going on including the annual AI party. As a result, I've developed very dark under eye bags and the need to indulge in takeout. Last night was also a night of insanity for me. Some people get stressed out and go get a massage. I spontaneously decided to cut my own hair. NO REGRETS!

Unfortunately because most of my projects are in the works right now, I can't share anything more concrete with you but heres a lovely set of quick portraits I did for a personal project. As a mixed ethnicity I admire diversity and I believe that beauty comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors.
I did the faces all with watercolor and ink, and placed them together on the computer. I did maybe 20 faces total but only used my favorites or the ones I deemed higher quality.

More to come soon, I pinky promise!