Cancer Narratives

This is an illustration I did for BITCH, Media about how cancer narratives are presented to and responded by society. A lot of which isn't represented because it doesn't fit into a specific category of survivor or martyr. This piece was black and white full page with a spot illustration, which I was commissioned for by the amazing awesome AD Kristin Rogers Brown. Included in the TOUGH issue.

Here's a little breakdown of my process. 

Here was my preliminary sketch which was chosen for the final. Sometimes I like to do tonal studies on my sketches if I have the time so that I can see ahead of time if there are any issues in clarity.
You can also see my pitch for the sketch's concept, which was to illuminate the fact that something is missing from cancer narratives.

These were some of the textures that I used for layering my piece. On the bottom were my little "cells" that I created using Yupo paper. At the top was graphite and water on paper, which I was experimenting with but I didn't end up using. 

Above are all the butterflies that I painted and drew using ink and some black watercolor (for variations in tonal values). These would then be put in one by one into the finished product, the main illustration (seen below).

Here are versions one (above) and two (below). I played with the idea of creating a not so noticeable silhouette and throw in a little more biological things happening in version one.

My spot illustration for the article, a butterfly with wing patterns of different little cells.

You can buy your copy of the TOUGH ISSUE here.

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