In honor of hashtag throw back thursday here are some really really really old projects of mine from school. It's amazing to look back on these pieces and see how much I've changed since then. 


This is a piece I did in my 2nd year watercolor class with the amazing wonderful Ruth Marten. It was an Arcimboldo inspired portrait made up of hay, and flowers with a lit match in her mouth which I titled (rather cleverly I thought) Lady Masochism. (Oh and hey, a mushroom for a nose!)

Another project from Ruth's class so that we could work on our control with watercolor was so do a bunch of type. So I chose song lyrics from The National, 'Mistaken for Strangers' which I think I had to listen to over 100x. I had so much fun with this, it was awesome. 

 This was a project from my sophomore year class with the superstar Yuko Shimizu. I don't remember the prompt of this project, but I remember what I was trying to achieve was the feeling of isolation and loneliness in a crowd. I used pen and ink and watercolor for this project. One of the funnest things about this project was that I used all of my friends for reference. (Danielle DeBiasio, Laura Ng who are both awesome Graphic Designers. Jensine Eckwall, Naomi Butterfield who are talented illustrators. As well as Audrey Nicolaides, and Ogun Afariogun. )

Skeleton. Moose Man.

Muscle. Moose Man.

Moose Man.
This was a project from my sophomore year from my class with the incredible Jillian Tamaki where we had to make a half man - half animal, and I chose a Moose Man. I used pen and ink, which used to be one of my favorite ways of rendering before I handled watercolor. I loved the research aspect of this project as I got to go to the Natural History Museum.
This was a personal experimentation from my senior year based on the fairy tale Tiger's Bride. It's a mixture of oil paint, acrylic, pen on watercolor paper. I don't use oil paint much anymore so I enjoy playing with it, practicing painting in a style that I admire. 

I hope you enjoyed this blast from the past! 


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